News of Member Jeff Dinitz

From BICA (11) 1994

Jeff Dinitz
Professor, University of Vermont

The Bulletin has to start this vignette with an apology to Jeff. By a fluke, Jeffs name was left off the list of members of the Council of the ICA. This omission has now been corrected - see page 1 of this issue of the Bulletin.  Jeff is a member of Council for a three-year term from 1993 to 1996.

In 1992, Jeff Dinitz and Doug Stinson, published Contemporary Design Theory, A Collection of Surveys (John Wiley and Sons, Inc.). This book was reviewed in Volume 9 of the Bulletin (page 9), and continues to receive a lot of well deserved acclaim; Jeff and Doug seem to have filled a real need
with this timely and outstanding work.

Last year, graph theorists received electrifying news from Jeff on the famous problem of the number of one factorizations of K_12 . Here is an extract from the email message of Monday, September 20, 1993 at 16:04:28.

Theorem. There are 526,915,620 non-isomorphic one-factorizations of K_12. (Joint work by Jeff Dinitz, David Garnick, and Brendan McKay). Based on the sizes of their automorphism groups, there are 252,282,619,805,368,320 distinct OFs of K_12.

The total computation required about 8.1 years of cpu time at 20 mips. We completed the calculation in about 11 months by use of multiple machines."

At the moment, rather than continuing on to K_14, Jeff is busy working with Dan Archdeacon on the 1995 Summer Workshop being held in Burlington, Vermont. Details of that conference appear elsewhere in this Bulletin.


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