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Medals presented at the ACCMCC (Greenhill, Horsley, Mohar, Stones)

Bojan Mohar (Euler medal), Catherine Greenhill (Hall medal), Daniel Horsley (Kirkman medal), Rebecca Stones (Kirkman medal)  2010 Hall Medal award to Catherine Greenhill Catherine Greenhill’s research is primarily on discrete stochastic processes and random combinatorial structures. She has worked in at least four distinct areas of combinatorics and computer science, and has made very significant contributions to the study of random graphs, graph colourings, Markov chains, asymptotic enumeration, and complexity theory. She has published almost 40 journal and conference papers. Her nominators speak of her “expert application of advanced technical methods”, and her “reputation of being carefully precise, highly dedicated and very imaginative". 2010 Euler Medal award to Bojan Mohar Bojan Mohar’s outstanding research and leadership over a period of thirty years place him as one of today’s foremost discrete mathematicians worldwide. His deep and important contributions have dra

Medals updates

As announced earlier, nominations for ICA medals for years 2013, 2014, and 2015 were evaluated by the ICA Medals Committee, Charlie Colbourn (chair), Jonathan Jedwab, and Christine O'Keefe. Following the committee's recommendation, the Council voted and decided to award the following medals. The decision for the Euler medal for 2015 has been postponed until the time for consideration of the 2016 medals. Euler medal: Brian Alspach (2014) Hall medals: Bart De Bruyn (2013)   Peter Dukes (2014) Lijun Ji (2015) Kirkman medals: Tommaso Traetta (2013)        Daniele Bartoli (2014)   Padraig Ó Catháin (2015)