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Articles of Association (edits after 2017 AGM)

ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION OF THE ICA   THE INSTITUTE OF COMB I NATORICS AND ITS APPLICATIONS   The Institute of  Combinatorics  and its Applications is a professional society whose mission is to promote the development of  combinatorics  and to encourage publications and conferences in the field of  combinatorics .   Page Break   Contents   General 5   Membership 5   Fellows 6   Honorary Fellows 6   Associate Fellows 6   Companion Members 7   Graduate Members 7   Student Members 7   Corporate and Institutional Members 7   Nominations, Elections, and Transfers 8   By-laws, Entrance Fees, and Subscriptions 8   Rights of Members 9   Resignation and Removal of Names from the Register 9   General Meetings 10   Proceedings at General Meetings 11   Votes of Members 12   Powers of the Council 14   Proceedings of the Council 15   Registrar 16   The Seal 16   Accounts 16   Audit 17