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Conference announcement: 34MCCC 27-29 October 2021, Las Vegas NV, USA The Midwestern Conference on Combinatorics and Combinatorial Computing (MCCCC) originally started as the Carbondale Combinatorics Conferences and were held (1986-1990) at the Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. The conference has since evolved to a prestigious national conference in the areas of Combinatorics and Computing and has achieved recognition and attracted scholars and researchers of various backgrounds from different institutions. Here they coalesce their individual contributions into a collection of ideas and inspirations for the advancement of combinatorics and combinatorial computing. These conferences are of small size 50 to 90 participants and have been growing slowly. Papers have covered a spectrum of pure and applied combinatorics, including graph theory, design theory, enumeration, and combinatorial computing. These are general-purpose combinatorics meetings with some emphasis on computer applications which have attracted scholar

BICA news

 The Bulletin of the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications is now indexed by SCOPUS! We've been in Math Reviews and Science Citation, but now we're in SCOPUS. As a sample, here's a screenshot of one of our 2020 papers! Congratulations to the editors for making this happen.

Conference rescheduling: 43ACC 13-17 December 2021, University of Melbourne, Australia

 " Due to the current wave of  the COVID-19 pandemic in Melbourne, after consulting CMSA  we have decided to postpone 43ACC to December 2021. At this stage we are unable to confirm the exact dates, but it is likely that we will have 43ACC in early or middle December 2021.   (As usual we will avoid clash with AustMS Annual Meeting which usually takes place in early or middle December.)  We will update our website soon to inform potential participants the delay of the conference. "

ICA sponsored conferences

  2018 Southeastern Conf. [] Colbourn's 65th birthday at  Nanyang Technological University, Singapore MCCCC [ ] 2019 Southeastern Conf. [] CanaDAM [ ] FQ14 [ ] ACCMCC [ ] BCC [, ] 2020 Southeastern Conf.  [] Combinatorics (Italy) (postponed to 2022, see below) [ ] 43rd ACCMCC (postponed to 2021, see below) Polygons, Buildings and Related Geometries (postponed) 2021 Southeastern Conf.  [] BCC [ https://bcc2021.web