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Conference announcement: ISAAC 2022 December 19-21, 2022 (Hybrid)  The 33rd International Symposium on Algorithms and Computation (ISAAC 2022) The 33rd International Symposium on Algorithms and Computation (ISAAC 2022) will be held in a hybrid manner;  physically at Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea and also online , on  December 19–21, 2022 . Invited Speakers Jeff Erickson (University of Illinois) Kunihiko Sadakane (University of Tokyo)

In memoriam Dean Hoffman

  In memoriam Dean Gunnar Hoffman May 8, 1949 – November 11, 2022   Dean Hoffman was a caring mentor, an insightful mathematician, an intense backgammon player, an engaging speaker, and a very effective teacher.   He received the BA from Union College in 1970, began graduate studies at University of Michigan, and earned the PhD from University of Waterloo in 1976 under David Klarner and Ron Mullin. He began work at Auburn University in 1977 and was still guiding students at the time of his passing.   He directly supervised over 20 PhD students, but inspired, guided, and motivated hundreds more.   His teaching style was both traditionally engaging and unique to him – many of his former students have adopted components of his classroom presence Dean Hoffman’s published research includes over a hundred papers, chapters, and books on graph theory, design theory, number theory, and puzzles.   More likely, he will be remembered by his collaborators for his unscheduled calls, emai

In Memoriam Rudi Mathon

  Professor Emeritus Rudi Mathon For the complete memorial, there is a video at: From University of Toronto: May 2022 The Departments of Mathematical and Computational Sciences (MCS) and Computer Science (DCS)  are saddened by the loss of Professor Emeritus Rudi Mathon. Rudolf A. "Rudi" Mathon received his first degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Prague in 1962. He received his MSc and PhD in Mathematics from the University of Toronto in 1972 in the areas of numerical analysis of partial differential equations. In 1972, Mathon joined the tri-campus graduate Department of Computer Science and the Department of Mathematical and Computational Sciences at the University of Toronto Mississauga. His research interests were in the area of analysis and design of algorithms for numerical and combinatorial problems. Much of his recent research dealt with combinatorial design theory and its application to various

In memoriam Nathaniel Dean

  Nathaniel Dean Professor of Mathematics (Retired) Texas State University 1956-2021 Dr. Nathaniel Dean, was born January 9, 1956. He made significant contributions to abstract and algorithmic graph theory, as well as data visualization and parallel computing. He received his BS in mathematics and physics from Mississippi State University in 1978, his MS in applied mathematics from Northeastern University in 1983, and his Ph.D. in mathematics from Vanderbilt University in 1987. His stellar career spanned the areas of industry and academia, including working at an HBCU.  After his earning his Ph.D., Dr. Dean worked for the next 11 years in the Software Production Research Department of Bell Labs where he produced over thirty scientific publications. In 1998, Dr. Dean became an Associate Professor of Computational and Applied Mathematics at Rice University. While at Rice, he supervised four Ph.D. students whose dissertation topics ranged from algorithmic graph theory to biological comput