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Conference announcement: CANADAM 5-8 June 2023

  Canadian Discrete and Algorithmic Mathematics CanaDAM 2023 Monday–Thursday, June 5–8, 2023 Hosted by  University of Manitoba  and  University of Winnipeg Held in downtown Winnipeg, MB The ninth biennial Canadian Discrete and Algorithmic Mathematics conference (CanaDAM) will be held in downtown Winnipeg, jointly hosted by the  University of Manitoba  and the  University of Winnipeg . Plenary Speakers The following are the confimed invited speakers: Nima Anari , Stanford University Simina Brânzei , Purdue University Penny Haxell , University of Waterloo Ferdinand Ihringer , Universiteit Gent Jennifer Morse , University of Virginia Igor Pak , University of California Los Angeles Alexey Pokrovskiy , University College London Laura Sanita , Eindhoven University of Technology The Public Interest Lecture wil be given by  Laura Albert , University of Wisconsin. Registration Details on registration and submissions as well as exact dates will be posted soon. For now, approximate dates: proposa

Conference announcement: Polygons, Buildings and Related Geometries 19-22 September Polygons, Buildings and Related Geometries September 19-22, 2022 A conference in honor of Hendrik Van Maldeghem's 60th birthday 28th edition of the Buildings conference.

Conference announcement: 34 MCCCC October 21-23

  The 34th Midwest Conference on Combinatorics and Combinatorial Computing (MCCCC)  will be held October 21-23, 2022 on the campus of Illinois State University (Normal).  Invited Speakers Include: Brian Alspach ,  University of Newcastle, Australia; Marijn Heule,  Carnegie Mellon University, USA; Mariusz Meszka,  AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland; Anita Pasotti,  University of Brescia, Italy;    Wannasiri Wannasit,  Chiang Mai University, Thailand;   Anna Weigandt,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA; We invite the participants to give a 20-minute contributed talk. Deadline for the submission of abstracts and early registration is October 7, 2022 Registration fee is $150.00 and includes one banquette dinner. For more information, check the Conference Site:  

The Bulletin of the ICA seeks a volunteer to be our News Editor.

  The Bulletin of the ICA seeks a volunteer to be our News Editor.  Why a News Editor?   The Bulletin of the ICA brings its members entertaining and informative conference reports; conference announcements; reports about presentations to ICA medallists; and updates from members, among others.  The ICA is a society that is geographically diverse, one that spans many research emphases; these are great strengths. Newsworthy things happen in the ICA community regularly, but some go unreported.  Perhaps a member is unsure how and to whom they can report. Perhaps a member assumes that someone else is already writing a conference report.  We need a News Editor to coordinate the solicitation and collection of news to inform – and sometimes amuse – our readers.  What does a News Editor do?  The News Editor will • serve as the first point-of-contact for news items of all kinds, • proactively seek news items from conference organizers or attendees, ICA-sponsored activities, and ICA members, and •