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12th International Conference and Workshops on Algorithms and Computation (WALCOM 2018) will be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh during March 03-05, 2018.

Skip to content The 12th International Conference and Workshops on Algorithms and Computation (WALCOM 2018) Stop 1 2 3 Home Proceedings Link Program Invited Speakers BUET-NUS CS Workshop Important Dates Registration Travel & Accommodation Venue Committee Accepted Papers Call For Papers Journal Special Issues Author Instructions Contact Details WALCOM 2017 WALCOM 2016 WALCOM 2015 Welcome to WALCOM 2018 The 12th International Conference and Workshops on Algorithms and Computation (WALCOM 2018) will be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh during March 03-05, 2018. To provide an international forum for researchers working in the areas of algorithms and computation, the first Workshop on Algorithms and Computation (WALCOM 2007) was held on February 12, 2007 in Dhaka, Bangladesh and was organized by Bangladesh Academy of Sciences. WALCOM 2008 , WALCOM 2010, WALCOM 2012 and WALCOM 2015 were held in Bangladesh; whereas WALCOM 200

Quick note from the secretary

Hello! As many of you are aware - this is my first attempt at a publicly accessible blog, with weekly updating. I'm learning a lot about what is and isn't fair game to post publicly - so you may have noticed that some of my past posts have been edited from a copy of an article to just a link to an article. You may have noticed that I repost conference announcements in the default text settings rather than the settings sent by the organizers - that's because I have been led to believe that people using accessibility software or hardware will have a better time with the default formats provided by blogger. You may have noticed that not all the conference announcements are precisely or not obviously related to combinatorics - that's because I tend to repost the things that are emailed to me from members. Send me announcements!  Send me awards you have won!  Send me articles you're in!  Send me other cool blogs you follow!  Send me pictures from conferences!

Upcoming conference; ILAS 2019

ILAS 2019: Linear Algebra Without Borders  22nd Conference of the International Linear Algebra Society - ILAS 2019 July, 8-12, 2019  Host: Department of Mathematics at Fundação Getúlio Vargas Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  The theme primarily refers to the fact that Linear Algebra and its myriad of applications are interwoven in a borderless unit. In the conference, we plan to illustrate this by creating a program whose plenary talks and symposia represent the many scientific “countries” of Linear Algebra, and which invites participant to “visit” them. This theme also refers to the openness and inclusiveness of Linear Algebra to researchers of different backgrounds.  More information at:

News update

Hello,  There are a few items would would like to bring to the attention of ICA members.  1. Medal nominations (Kirkman, Hall, Euler and Stanton) are due December 31. Please send nominations of deserving candidates to Charlie Colbourn. For details about  the nomination process, please see the following web page:   2. Medal presentations are continuing. Three additional presentations of framed certificates and engraved medals will take place at the 5th International Combinatorics Conference (5ICC) which is being held at Monash University (Melbourne) in December. This brings to 20 the number of presentations that have taken place in the last 15 months, almost completely catching up after years of inactivity.  3. Volume 81 of the Bulletin is ready to be mailed next week. There have been some one-time delays as a transition was being made to a new printer. The new printer will help us control costs moving forward (keeping membership dues as low a

Honorary Fellow S S Shrikhande

S S Shrikhande was named an Honorary Fellow of the ICA in 1990. For a brilliant article about his life, including some great pictures: