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ICA in the news

Image Two from Eberly College of Science named among first Atherton Professors Abhay Ashtekar, left, and George Andrews.   Credit: Penn State.  Creative Commons FEBRUARY 23, 2023 By Sam Sholtis UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Abhay Ashtekar, Evan Pugh Professor of Physics, and George Andrews, Evan Pugh Professor of Mathematics, have been honored by Penn State with the title of Atherton Professor. The University created the Atherton Professorship to recognize the continuing high level of scholarly or creative activity Evan Pugh University Professors may pursue after their retirement. The Evan Pugh University Professorship is the highest distinction bestowed upon faculty by the University. Since the establishment of the designation in 1960, only 79 faculty members have been named as Evan Pugh University Professors. The new professorship recognizes emeritus Evan Pugh University Profes