Carsten Thomassen, Honorary Fellow

On Friday, September 27, 2019, Carsten Thomassen gave the Tutte Distinguished Lecture at University of Waterloo.

            Title: Countable weighted graphs with no unfriendly partitions
            Abstract: The vertex set of every finite graph can be partitioned into two sets such              that each vertex has at least as many vertices in the opposite set as in its own set.                    Such a partition is called unfriendly. It is known that there are infinite graphs with                no unfriendly partition but it is open if every countable graph has an unfriendly                    partition. In this talk we show that the there are edge-weighted countable graphs                  with no unfriendly partition.
Following the talk, Dr Stinson presented him with the certificate naming him an Honorary Fellow of the ICA.  Pictures are below the link to his citation:


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