Honorary Fellow S. S. Srikhande

S. S. Srikhande. His friends call him "Shrik", but he is also often referred to as SSS. The development of to-day's very strong group of Indian researchers in Combinatorics is due largely to the pioneering research of R.C. Bose and S.S. Shrikhande. One of the few times that Combinatorics made the pages of the New York Times was when Bose, Parker, and Shrikhande disproved the famous Euler conjecture that there were no pairs of orthogonal Latin squares of side 4n+2. Shrik is such an innovative research worker in Design Theory that it is difficult to single out particular achievements, but many colleagues would cite his work on the extension of quasi-residual designs for values of lambda greater than 2.

From his citation as one of the first Honorary Fellows, BICA (1), 1991.

From his well-cited wikipedia page:
Sharadchandra Shankar Shrikhande (born 19 October 1917) is an Indian mathematician with distinguished and well-recognized achievements in combinatorial mathematics. He is notable for his breakthrough work along with R. C. Bose and E. T. Parker in their disproof of the famous conjecture made by Leonhard Euler dated 1782 that there do not exist two mutually orthogonal latin squares of order 4n + 2 for any n. Shrikhande's specialty was combinatorics, and statistical designs. Shrikhande graph is used in statistical designs.

Shrikhande received a Ph.D. in the year 1950 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill under the direction of R. C. Bose. Shrikhande taught at various universities in the USA and in India. Shrikhande was a professor of mathematics at Banaras Hindu University, Banaras and the founding head of the department of mathematics, University of Mumbai and the founding director of the Center of Advanced Study in Mathematics, Mumbai until he retired in 1978. He is a fellow of the Indian National Science Academy, the Indian Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Mathematical Institute, USA.


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