Honorary Fellow Haim Hanani

Haim Hanani. No one has contributed more to the development of our knowledge of designs than Professor Hanani. His paper showing that the necessary conditions for the existence of Steiner Quadruple Systems are also sufficient was a landmark in design theory that settled a question that had been open for over a century, and his papers on the existence of designs with block sizes 4 and 5 are probably the most frequently cited papers in the subject His constructions of designs have combined, in a unique fashion, his talents for systematic , thorough, and careful organization with his talents for ingenious and innovative developments.

From his citation as one of the first Honorary Fellows, BICA (1), 1991.

From his well-cited wikipedia page:
Haim Hanani (September 11, 1912 as Chaim Chojnacki–April, 1991) was a Polish-born Israeli mathematician, known for his contributions to combinatorial design theory, in particular for the theory of pairwise balanced designs and for the proof of an existence theorem for Steiner quadruple systems. He is also known for the Hanani–Tutte theorem on odd crossings in non-planar graphs.


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