The Bulletin of the ICA seeks a volunteer to be our News Editor

 The Bulletin of the ICA seeks a volunteer to be our News Editor. 

Why a News Editor?

The Bulletin of the ICA brings its members entertaining and informative conference reports; conference announcements; reports about presentations to ICA medallists; and updates from members, among others. 

The ICA is a society that is geographically diverse, one that spans many research emphases; these are great strengths. Newsworthy things happen in the ICA community regularly, but some go unreported.

 Perhaps a member is unsure how and to whom they can report. Perhaps a member assumes that someone else is already writing a conference report. 

We need a News Editor to coordinate the solicitation and collection of news to inform – and sometimes amuse – our readers. 

What does a News Editor do? 

The News Editor will
• serve as the first point-of-contact for news items of all kinds,
• proactively seek news items from conference organizers or attendees, ICA-sponsored activities, and ICA members, and
• coordinate the preparation of these news items for the Bulletin. 

How could one News Editor possibly do this? Enlist a band of roving reporters who collectively represent the great diversity of our membership. Volunteer — and make the world a better place! 

Are you interested in being the News Editor? A roving reporter? Or do you have questions before you decide? Do you have suggestions about news that should be reported? 

Please email the ICA President, Charlie Colbourn. 

The BICA Editors-in-Chief and the ICA Executive


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