New ICA Council members

 We had to take the vote a second time to accommodate nominations from the floor, thus here's the new list followed by the complete list.

Jeff Dinitz

Melissa Keranen

Mariusz Meszka

Gary Mullen

Bojan Mohar

Ortrud Oellermann

Patric Östergård

Adrián Pastine

Dinesh Sarvate

S. Arumugam


Doug Stinson (President)                         2016-2022                   

Dalibor Froncek (Vice-president)            2016-2022                   

David Pike (Vice-president)                      2016-2022                   

Kiki Ariyanti Sugeng (Vice-president)     2017-2023                   

Sarah Holliday (Secretary)                        2016-2022         

S. Arumugam                                             2021-2024

Marco Buratti                                             2016-2022                   

Darryn Bryant                                             2016-2022

Jeff Dinitz                                                    2018-2024

Wayne Goddard                                         2020-2023

James Hammer, III                                     2017-2023                             

Masaaki Harada                                         2020-2023

Derek Hein                                                  2020-2023                              

Fred Hoffman                                             2016-2022

Lijun Ji                                                          2019-2023

Mark Kayll                                                   2017-2023

Melissa Keranen                                         2018-2024

Selda Küçükçifçi                                          2017-2023

Yeow Meng Chee                                       2017-2023

Mariusz Meszka                                         2018-2024

Bojan Mohar                                               2021-2024

Gary Mullen                                                2019-2024

Darren Narayan                                         2019-2022

Ortrud Oellermann                                    2018-2024

Patric Östergård                                         2021-2024

Daniel Panario                                            2020-2023

Adrian Pastine                                            2021-2024

Dinesh Sarvate                                           2018-2024

Miao Ying                                                    2019-2022


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