Quick note from the secretary


As many of you are aware - this is my first attempt at a publicly accessible blog, with weekly updating.

I'm learning a lot about what is and isn't fair game to post publicly - so you may have noticed that some of my past posts have been edited from a copy of an article to just a link to an article.

You may have noticed that I repost conference announcements in the default text settings rather than the settings sent by the organizers - that's because I have been led to believe that people using accessibility software or hardware will have a better time with the default formats provided by blogger.

You may have noticed that not all the conference announcements are precisely or not obviously related to combinatorics - that's because I tend to repost the things that are emailed to me from members.

Send me announcements!  Send me awards you have won!  Send me articles you're in!  Send me other cool blogs you follow!  Send me pictures from conferences!

Help me help you become internet-famous!

Sarah Holliday
sarah.holliday@gmail.com OR combinatoricsinstitute@gmail.com


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