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The Australian Mathematical Society Medal is awarded to a member of the Society under the age of 40, for distinguished research in the mathematical sciences. This year the Medal is awarded to Associate Professor Luke Bennetts of the University of Adelaide for work on mathematics applied to geophysical problems, in particular wave-ice interaction and catastrophic ice-shelf disintegration in polar regions, and also ocean wave energy harvesting and acoustic metamaterials.

The George Szekeres Medal is awarded biennally for a sustained outstanding contribution to the mathematical sciences in Australia by a Society member. This year it is awarded jointly to Professor Nalini Joshi, AO of the University of Sydney, and Professor Ole Warnaar of the University of Queensland.

The AustMS awards an annual Award for Teaching Excellence (Early Career), to recognise and reward outstanding contribution to teaching and student learning in the mathematical sciences at the tertiary level by an early career academic. This year the award goes to Dr Norman Do, a Senior Lecturer in the School of Mathematics at Monash University.

The Gavin Brown Prize recognises an outstanding and innovative piece of research in the mathematical sciences published by a member or members of the Society. This year it is awarded to Associate Professor John BambergProfessor Michael Giudici and Professor Gordon F. Royle of the University of Western Australia, for their 2010 paper Every flock generalized quadrangle has a hemisystem, published in the prestigious Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society (link).

This Mahony–Neumann-Room Prize, for outstanding contributions to the Society’s research publications, is fittingly named for the founding editors of the three journals published by the society: the Journal, the Bulletin and the ANZIAM Journal. This year, Professor Janusz Brzdęk of AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków is awarded the Prize for his 2014 paper A hyperstability result for the Cauchy equation, appearing in the Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society (link).


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