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ACCMCC is the annual conference of the Combinatorial Mathematics Society of Australasia and covers all areas of combinatorics in mathematics and computer science. The 42nd ACCMCC will be held at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, on 9 - 13 December 2019. Plenary speakers: Michael Albert, University of OtagoJoachim Gudmundsson,  University of SydneyCamilla Hollanti, Aalto UniversityDaniel Horsley, Monash UniversityKen-ichi Kawarabayashi, National Institute of Informatics JapanCheryl Praeger, University of Western AustraliaWojciech Samotij, Tel Aviv UniversityMaya Stein, Universidad de ChileStéphan Thomassé, École Normale Supérieure de LyonOrganising Committee: Julian AbelHaris AzizThomas BritzDiana CombeSerge GaspersCatherine Greenhill (Chair)Anita LiebenauSponsors: School of Mathematics and Statistics
School of Computer Science and Engineering

27th British Combinatorial Conference

27th British Combinatorial Conference The 27th British Combinatorial Conference will be held from 29th July to 2nd August 2019 organised by the School of Mathematics at the University of Birmingham. All the talks will be in the ARTS Building (R16 on here). For further information, please contact the organisers at Plenary speakers There will be nine invited plenary lectures, delivered by the following speakers: Michael Krivelevich (Tel Aviv), who will deliver the Clay Lecture.Penny Haxell (Waterloo), who will deliver the Richard Rado Lecture.Dan Král' (Masaryk and Warwick)Kristin Lauter (Microsoft Research)Hendrik van Maldeghem (Ghent)Iain Moffatt (Royal Holloway)

The 14th Intl. Conference on Finite Fields and their Applications (Fq14)

The 14th Intl. Conference on Finite Fields and their Applications (Fq14)Start Date: 06/03/2019End Date: 06/07/2019 Location:  Simon Fraser University Description:  The Fq conference is a biannual conference that covers various topics in finite fields including but not limited to: Theory: structure of finite fields, primitive elements, normal bases, polynomials, number-theoretic aspects of finite fields, character sums, function fields, APN functions. Computation: algorithms and complexity, polynomial factorization, decomposition and irreducibility testing, sequences and functions. Applications: algebraic coding theory, cryptography, algebraic geometry over finite fields, finite incidence geometry, designs, combinatorics, quantum information science. Invited Speakers include: Antonia Bluher, National Security Agency, USAPascale Charpin, INRIA, FranceShuqin Fan, Beijing Academy of Information Science and Technology, China                Kai-Uwe Schmidt, Paderborn University, Germany      …

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