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BICA call for papers

Dear Colleagues,

We (Marco Buratti, Donald Kreher and Tran van Trung) ​have recently been named Editors-in-Chief of the Bulletin of the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications (BICA). Our goal is to re-invigorate this publication as well as improve the quality of papers published in it.

​We are interested in publishing a wider variety of items than before, including expository and survey papers, classroom notes, conference reviews, conference announcements, and news of members, along with research papers. Because there is a lack of material in the pipeline, we encourage all ICA members to submit high quality papers for publication.

There will be a dedicated email address for the Bulletin set up in the near future.​ But for now, please submit your items for possible inclusion in BICA to the following email

Sincerely yours,

Marco, Don and Trung

2012-13 Medal Winners

Euler medals: Alex Rosa (2012)        Curt Lindner (2013)    
Hall medals: Michael Giudici (2012) 
Kirkman medals: Rebecca Stones (2012)   Xiande Zhang (2012)    
Congratulations to our winners!

End-of-year donations!


As we build up the ICA bank account to support ICA activities, we would like to mention that it is now possible to make donations to the ICA. Since the ICA is associated with the non-profit FAU Foundation, a donation to the ICA will be tax-deductible.  Please consider making a donation on the following web page:

Of course all donations will go towards ICA activities such as printing and mailing the Bulletin, conference support and ICA medals. 

Donors will be acknowledged in the Bulletin of the ICA (unless they wish to remain anonymous).

2011 Medal winners

Euler medals: Cheryl Praeger
Hall medals: Olga Polverino 
Kirkman medals: Tao Feng  
Congratulations to our winners!

BICA Updates

The Bulletin of the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications has been published since 1991. Currently, three volumes per year are published. Volume 78 will be dated September, 2016.

Three new editors-in-chief for the Bulletin of the ICA were selected in late 2016. They will be editing volumes starting in 2017. The three new editors are Marco Buratti, Donald Kreher and Tran van Trung.
A subscription to the Bulletin of the ICA is automatically included with membership in the ICA.
Manuscripts should be submitted to (an alternative address for submissions is
Tables of contents of back issues of the Bulletin of the ICA can be found here.