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Noga Alon and Joel Spencer receive 2021 Steele Prize for Mathematical Exposition
December 01, 2020

The 2021 Steele Prize for Mathematical Exposition will be awarded to Noga Alon and Joel Spencer for their book, The Probabilistic Method, published by Wiley & Sons Inc. in 1992.

Now in its fourth edition, The Probabilistic Method is an invaluable toolbox for both the beginner and the experienced researcher in discrete probability. It brings together through one unifying perspective a variety of results and methods, linked to applications in graph theory, combinatorics, number theory, and geometry.

This enduring book has been used worldwide. Much-cited by significant papers in leading journals, it functions as both on-ramp and toolbox. The Probabilistic Method has its roots in the work of Paul Erdős, and this volume brings together a dizzying array of ideas, methods and applications, using them to prove deterministic properties of combinatorial systems and typical properties of random discrete systems.

Applications presented are frequently state-of-the-art bounds. Alon and Spencer synthesize their various proofs and at times offer alternative proofs of their own. As is often the case for books that help to seed a field, the material brought together here into a unified fabric was previously unavailable in one place. The style of the book is both crystalline and engaging.


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