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The Institute of Combinatorics & Its Applications
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History of the ICA
The ICA began in 1990. It benefitted greatly from the leadership of Professor Bill Tutte who served as the first President during 1990-1996, and as Past President from 1996 until his death in 2002. Professor Tutte was followed as President by Professor Anne Penfold Street, and the current President is Professor Ronald C. Mullin. Under their able guidance, the Institute has flourished in over 40 countries around the world and membership has grown steadily.
Organization of the Institute
The Institute is headed by its President and Vice-President, who are assisted by the Secretary and Registrar in running the organization. The current list of Council members is published on the title page of the Bulletin of the ICA.

Activities of the Institute
The most visible activity of the ICA is the publication of the Bulletin of the ICA, which is the main forum for news of the Institute and its members: promotions, moves, deaths; conference announcements; accounts of conferences, with pictures when possible; awards and honours. Each issue also contains a number of research notes and articles, selected from refereed submissions and approved by members of the Editorial Board of the Bulletin.

Annually, the Institute presents the ICA Medals. There are three possible awards: the Euler Medal, for a lifetime contribution of distinguished research by an ICA member who is still active; the Hall Medal, for important research by a member who will not have passed the age of 40 in the nominating year; and the Kirkman Medal, for important research by a member who received the doctoral degree in the past four years including the nominating year. All nominations are evaluated by the Members of Council, and the results are published in the Bulletin of the ICA.


Membership in the Institute
The ICA has three classes of membership: Member of the Institute, Associate Fellow of the Institute, and Fellow of the Institute. Membership is now over 800, and growing, with affiliate member groups in Slovenia, Hungary, Russia, India, and the People's Republic of China.

Members list
A complete members list has been published from the information on file every couple of years, and a new one is in the works at this time. This information allows fellow members to contact friends and colleagues who may have moved or whose professional contact address has changed. The list is provided as a service to the community and we depend on members providing correct contact information for our files.
We expect to continue publishing this list periodically; and we will suppress contact details for those members who express concern about privacy and security issues that might arise from the publication of their professional address information. Private personal information never leaves the filing cabinets.


The Bulletin of the ICA
The Bulletin is the official publication of the Institute of Combinatorics and Its Applications. It is meant as a forum for sharing information and news of members: births, deaths and  promotions; awards; announcements of coming conferences; accounts of recent conferences; short research notes; and interesting results that might not fit the purview of the more mainstream publications. Size really is important, as we have only a fixed number of pages.
We ship the Bulletin of the ICA in January, May, and September.
As with the Members List, the Bulletin is intended for member use, and is distributed to the members at the addresses they have provided for our files... So if you are not receiving your Bulletin of the ICA it may be that we don't have your current address on file.
Submitted articles will be refereed and approved for publication in a professional manner. Instructions and formatting criteria are available from the Math Journals office and in the Bulletin.


Note: We intend to compile and publish a list of all articles that have appeared in the Bulletin of the ICAonline as soon as personnel can put it together.

Correspondence Address:
The Institute of Combinatorics & Its Applications
139 Middle Gate
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