Call for nominations for the 2023 medals of the ICA

 Call for Nominations: The Euler, Hall, Kirkman, and Stanton Medals and Honorary Fellows

Until 31 December 2023, nominations are invited for the 2023 Medals of the ICA, and for

Honorary Fellowship in the ICA. A nomination for a medal or for Honorary Fellowship is to

be made by at least two nominators. Each nominator must be an Associate Fellow, Fellow, or

Honorary Fellow of the ICA. Nominees must not be members of the ICA Council as of the

closing date of nominations; nominees for the Euler, Hall, and Kirkman medals must not be

Honorary Fellows. Normally, nominees must also meet the eligibility requirements given

below, although documented career interruptions are taken into account when assessing


Each nomination must include a complete curriculum vitae, list of publications, and a letter of

support. The letter of support must provide details of the extent and importance of the

nominee's contributions in relation to the selection criteria, and include a summary of up to

200 words understandable to the broad membership of the ICA. Quotes from nomination

letters may be used without attribution in citations, which may appear in the Bulletin of the

ICA and in press releases.

Euler Medals recognize distinguished lifetime career contributions to combinatorial

research by Fellows of the ICA, including those who remain active in research. Normally, at

most one medal per year is awarded.

Hall Medals recognize extensive quality research with substantial international impact by

Fellows or Associate Fellows of the ICA in mid-career. Recipients must have earned their

doctoral degree in 2005 or later. At most two medals per year are awarded.

Kirkman Medals recognize excellent research by Fellows or Associate Fellows of the ICA

early in their research career, as evidenced by an excellent body of published research. A

recipient of a 2023 medal must have earned their doctoral degree in 2020 or later. At most

two medals per year are awarded.

Stanton Medals honour significant lifetime contributions to promoting the discipline of

combinatorics through advocacy, outreach, service, teaching and/or mentoring. Letters of

nomination should establish the significance, duration, and impact of the nominee's

contributions other than research. At most one medal per year is to be awarded, typically to a

Fellow of the ICA.

Honorary Fellowship recognizes an individual who has made pre-eminent contributions to

combinatorics or its applications. Nominees need not be Fellows of the ICA. The number of

living Honorary Fellows at any time shall not exceed ten.

The ICA Medals Committee (Heather Jordon (chair), Ying Miao and Kai-Uwe Schmidt)

reviews nominations. The committee makes recommendations to the ICA President and

Council, with whom the final decisions rest. The ICA President announces the medal


Please send nominations to Heather Jordon (, who will acknowledge receipt and

verify that the nomination package is complete. The Medals Committee will not otherwise

comment on a nomination, whether recommended or not, except in its report to the ICA

President. Nominations that are not recommended will be considered again in each of the two

years following the submission of the nomination, provided that the eligibility criteria are still

satisfied. Short updates to nominations will be accepted, but they will not extend the three

year consideration period. A new nomination can be submitted after a gap of at least one



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