Fun facts about the BICA

 The Bulletin of the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications has been published since 1991. Currently, three volumes per year are published. In 2020, volumes 88,89 and 90 were published.

The Bulletin is edited by four editors-in-chief, namely, Marco Buratti, Donald Kreher, Ortrud Oellermann and Tran van Trung.

Starting with Volume 79 in 2017, research articles published in BICA are diamond open access. This means that there are no publication charges for authors and .pdf reprints can be downloaded free of charge by anyone.

Each volume of BICA also includes additional information, such as conference reports and announcements, that is only available to ICA members and BICA subscribers.

Annual subscriptions to BICA (three volumes per year) are available for 180 USD per year. A subscription to BICA is automatically included with membership in the ICA. As well, starting with Volume 79, complete .pdf copies of BICA are made available to ICA members.

Manuscripts should be submitted to Marco Buratti: bica at

Tables of contents of back issues of the BICA prior to Volume 79 can be found at .

The cover design of BICA is the graph known as the Tutte-Coxeter graph or the Tutte eight-cage. Bill Tutte was the first president of the ICA, serving in that role from 1990 to 1996.


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