The 27th BCC

27th British Combinatorial Conference

The 27th British Combinatorial Conference will be held from 29th July to 2nd August 2019 organised by the School of Mathematics at the University of Birmingham. All the talks will be in the ARTS Building (R16 on here). For further information, please contact the organisers at

Plenary speakers

There will be nine invited plenary lectures, delivered by the following speakers:


Through the generous support of the Heilbronn Institute there will be six invited mini-symposia covering the following topical areas of research in Combinatorics:

Additive Combinatorics:

Organised by Julia Wolf.

Designs and Latin Squares:

Organised by Peter Cameron.

Extremal Combinatorics:

Organised by Oleg Pikhurko.

Graph Colouring:

Organised by Zdeněk Dvořák.

Probabilistic Combinatorics:

Organised by David Conlon.

Ramsey Theory:

Organised by Maria Axenovich.


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