Posting research online

As academic work and the internet collide, ICA is working to responsibly communicate accurate information with its membership.

We were recently alerted to a member who was incorrectly linked to a paper by the algorithms at  After some research, we see that the site may not be as reputable as many first thought:

Elsevier notably reacted poorly to free sharing of academic papers a couple years ago.  If you've forgotten or you missed it:

Alternatives to document sharing include is an electronic archive and distribution server for research articles.  It is maintained and operated by Cornell University Library, with no referee or review.

Research gate is another alternative that functions less like a paper repository and more like a social networking site in the style of Linked In.

Most ICA members with academic homes have access to a personal website through the University where they can post preprints of their articles.

Is ICA moving the BICA online?  That's the plan!  We have elected a webmaster, and are in the process of securing the url.  We'll start with issue 79 online, once we get the website ready.

If I publish in BICA, who owns the copyright?  BICA does, which means accepted and refereed articles cannot be reprinted at gate/personal websites without first getting permission from the ICA.

For more information about submitting papers to BICA,


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