Fifth Irsee Conference


Finite Geometries

Fifth Irsee Conference

10-16 September 2017

Organisers: Ilaria Cardinali, Michel Lavrauw, Klaus Metsch, Alexander Pott

This conference extends the series of previous meetings which took place at the Isle of Thorns (2000), in Oberwolfach (2001), and in Irsee (2003, 2006, 2011 and 2014). As before, the conference topics are: 
Combinatorial structures in Galois geometries; Finite Incidence Geometry; Algebraic curves and hypersurfaces over finite fields; Geometric and algebraic coding theory; Finite groups and geometries; Algebraic design theory.
Main speakers include:
Participation in this conference is by invitation only. All participants may submit an abstract for a contributed talk on some aspect of their research related to the main topics of the conference.

Please send all correspondence, other than the abstract, to the following conference email address: 
Looking forward to see you at Irsee,
Ilaria, Michel, Klaus, Alexander


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